About Us

In 2019, Iman Pishro Sanat Adel Company was established. We have set up this company with the help of our managers and specialists after 15 years of experience, with the aim of producing various types of intelligent gas safety systems and pressure reducing stations.
The company, with its capable manpower and factory with up-to-date technical equipment as well as advanced laboratory, has succeeded in producing new equipment called
earthquake detection and gas shotoff device​​​​​​​ interruption.
For the first time in Iran, we have used Iran Force Balance sensors to produce an electronic earthquake detection system.

معرفی شرکت ایمن پیشرو صنعت عادل

The company's experts have taken an effective step towards self-sufficiency, localization, saving foreign exchange costs and independence of our dear country and have been able to produce products in accordance with ASCE International Standards 25-2016 and Iranian National Standard ISIRI 10942 and the standards of National Iranian Gas Company IGS-M- Produce IN-305 (1), IGS-M-IN-306 (0) n. By equipping this system, we intend to protect stations (TBS / DRS / CGS / MRS / RS / MS) and gas supply networks by eliminating human errors from explosions and fires after an earthquake .

Also in the field of Solenoid Valve and Motor Valve solenoid valves related to the equipment of gas leak detection and flow system Normally Open or solenoid valve for discharge of gas in pipes in the event of a Normally Close accident, globally competitive products in accordance with the international standard ANSI ​​​​​​​B109-1 -2000, ANSI Z21-2012 to produce. In addition to producing this equipment, the company's designers and engineers have carried out extensive activities in the field of ball valves, and in accordance with the international standards API 6D, API 6FA has been evaluated in the central list of the Ministry of Oil (EP).

خط تولید شرکت ایمن پیشرو صنعت عادل
Another success of the company is the production of city and industrial gas regulators with the brand of Jeavons and Actaris. The company's engineers have demonstrated 2 new perspectives in the field of gas regulators by designing reverse engineering and quality control and observing IGS-IN-201 standards. The business unit of this company has been able to market engineering and obtain exclusive representations from several A successful company in this field will be able to meet the requirements of employers and contractors and rely on its motto, which is customer satisfaction .