Solenoid Valve

The Solenoid Valve is an electrically operated valve consisting of two main parts, the body and the coil, and can be mounted to various sensors to cut off the path. Solenoids are produced in two voltages, AC and DC, Normally Open and Normally Close according to orders.
Benefits of Solenoids
1- Inside this valve, a strainer is installed which prevents the entry of solid derivatives and is drained from the bottom of the valve.
2- This valve operates in horizontal and vertical conditions and at a pressure of 1/4 to 60 PSI without leakage.
3- This valve is designed from the best material, with the least pressure drop and flow.
4- All valves are tested with Hydro Static and Air.
Follow the link below to receive the product catalog of electronic gas leak detection system and solenoid valve.
Size : 2 . 2 1/2 . 3 . 4 . 6  
Class : 150​​​​​​​

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